Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank you!

Lots of craft blogs have givaways - and why not?  Its a great way to get more followers and traffic, and showcase your skills.  I enter a lot of these little contests and I just received my very first prize! 

I was so excited to get a lovely package of notecards in the mail yesterday from Teresa at Its's A Good Day.  They are perfect for everyday cards - everyone loves getting cards on their birthday, why not send one for no special reason and brighten someone's day? 

You can check out her other fun items at her etsy shop here - very affordable, and very cute. 

Thanks Teresa!!!


  1. So glad you like the cards, Emma! And thanks for the shout-out. -- Have a GOOD DAY.

  2. Really nice card :)!

    Fabi (BubbLeGumGirLie for Comments on Craft/Design Blogs)

  3. Congratulations again. The card is beautiful, in my fav color :)