Saturday, March 27, 2010

Show Me The Bunny!

I joined another swap bot swap, this time for a handmade Bunny card for Easter, called, of course
Show Me the Bunny!  Since I was making one, I decided to make a few extra: 

Hula bunny for my nephew Dorian:

A simple classy girly bunny for my niece Rakia, because she is a simply classy girl.  And my abstract polka dot bunny for my partner in the swap! 

Plus, a stegosaurus.  I like to be prepared. 

Ooh I also got a great new book from one of my book swap partners!  I still feel like I have some learning to do, especially perfecting my gluing techniques, but I think I'm improving. 

Does anyone have any tips for me?  I've tried rubber cement, Elmers glue, a hot glue gun, fabric glue, and mod podge, and various combos.  What do people usually use for cards and scrapbooking to make their stuff look pro? 

One thing I'm struggling with is using recycled materials and trying to make my cards still look good.  I don't like using new paper or cardstock when we throw away so much cardboard packaging, but I don't want my final product to look shabby.  Ideas?


  1. Great bunny cards! And very inspirational for an April swap I am in. A girls gotta love bunnies!

    Besides, struggling with the same glue issues. So if you get answers, please write another post about glue ;-)

  2. This is the stuff I's a glue roller

    I ususally can find it for a dollar at my craft store. Buy several because they always get stuck or if you're working on alot of cards it runs out! Also you can use glue dots if you want to add something small.

  3. I am so glad I didn't visit until after I got my bunny. I like to be surprised :)

    Just LOVE, LOVE the bunny. I like unique and different and that bunny was both, jackpot!

    Since joining Swap-Bot, someone has recommended Zip-Dry as a glue that won't warp paper. So far they are right, I've used it on 2 ATC's and no warped cardboard. But beware, it is a FAST drying glue (and very sticky - it gives just the tiniest bit once it is placed). I've also used Beacon's 3-in-1 advanced craft glue with similar results - and it is also a FAST drying glue. When I want more time I just used regular white glue - then I usually have to let my project dry under the phone book (and several cookbooks). I understand there are some really sticky glue sticks out there but I haven't come across one yet where the stickiness lasts.

  4. Thanks ladies for the glue tips! An excursion to Jo Ann Fabric and Crafts is set for this weekend - hope they have some of these!

  5. Great cards! Thank you for participating in my swap!! I'm hosting another one now, come on over and check it out.

  6. Gorgeous cards ! What a nice idea : I am new to swap-bot and getting excited with all the crafts !
    Thanks for visiting my blog ;) Lulubiz

  7. lol i like that youre prepared!! I love the bunny!
    CDonovan - swapbot

  8. I love the hula bunny! So modern and a blast of colors. Cool!

    SaraswatiChB for swapbot

  9. I love these greeting cards. They are looking amazing.

    Fabi (BubbLeGumGirLie for Comments on Craft/Design Blogs)

  10. What fun cards! I enjoy making cards too.

    j3ss1ca (SB)

  11. these cards are toooooo cute!
    collagecafe04 swapbot