Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Decadence, Sandwich Style

Macaroni & Cheese BLT, with cheese, minus the Bacon.  Over the top?  Perhaps.  But kind of amazing.   

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V-Day Play By Play!

Check out the sweet heart shape pizza I made last night!  (OK, with a little/a lot of help.) 

Pictures don't do it justice, but it was delicious!  This one was a white pizza with parmesan, mushrooms, onions,  mozzarella, ricotta and basil.   

Since the dough was a little tricky to work into a heart shape/I may have manhandled it a little, making it a little bit harder to maneuver, we made the second pizza rectangular shaped, on a cookie sheet.  This one had red sauce, plus mozzarella, fresh motz, parm, basil, mushroom, sauteed onions, and chicken sausage (not on my half, but it did look tasty).  Both were so good!  (And good for lunch today too!) 

If you want to make your own pizza, did you know that you can get dough from your local pizza shop?  Its cheap, better than what you can find at the grocery store, and saves you time/having to wait for your homemade dough to rise. 

Also there was candy. 
A lot of it. 

And something to brighten up my desk too! 

What a sweet day!  I hope everyone out there had happy valentine's days too!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Boots!

We've gotten so much snow here in New York City lately (as so much of the country has too), and my old rain boots have gotten a lot of use.  With an impending blizzard/ice storm scheduled to take place this week, by boots decided to split on Monday.  Grrrr!  Bad timing. 

And yet!  I was able to eek out a couple of extra days (with the help of some duct tape) from my old pair, and ordered up these cute ones from!  Just got them today and I like them a lot.  On sale - only $35, plus free 2 day shipping and I'm wearing my new ones home tonight.  Lucky for me (kind of) that the ice storm continues, and puddles of slush abound...

The lime color is a little less bright in person than in the picture - I guess that's why they call it "dirty lime."  They definitely feel sturdier than my previous pair from target, and a little higher too, so I'll have to make some new boot liners for myself!  If it ever warms up they will compliment my pink raincoat nicely too.  I love having bright and cheery rain gear to perk up a gray day!