Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Go CT Tigers!

 A few weeks ago I went to a minor league baseball game with my family - quite the blast!  (Also there were fireworks afterwards).  The kids liked it and you can see Rakia is very talented at both roaring and posing. 

 Dorian is a stellar model too. 
She seems very intent on tracking the action, but I think she is really just scanning the stadium for the guy in the tiger costume.  (There was a chicken and an alligator too, inexplicably.  But the more the merrier!) 

 Not quite a packed park, so the little guys had some room to move which was fun.  They also threw hot dogs out of a slingshot at the crowd!  I didn't catch one but that might be my new lifelong dream for next time.  (They threw peanuts and t-shirts too but those are a bit more conventional.) 
 Jackie O came along too, plus my sister and Dad, and (not pictured) my mom and Aunt Meg.  A good crowd! 
 Jackie is the sweetest teen you've ever seen - he spent his money on tiger ears for both Dorian and Rakia, plus a baseball for his dad who was having a bad day at work and couldn't join us.  What a guy!
The boy can dance! 

Man, I know some cool dudes.  (Literally.  Jack was cold so I had to give him my sweatshirt as a blanket.  Poor guy.)

This girl loves her Cheetos. 

 Dorian's "crazy face" is oddly photogenic and refined. 

 That's better. 

Who else is going to teach him "Do you like seafood?" if not me? KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

What a guy.  And what a night!