Thursday, March 11, 2010

Liberty Rocks!

I know you are all as excited as I am for the new Liberty of London line for Target, set to arrive in stores March 14.  (I wrote about it here.)  Lucky girl that I am, I got to check it out before Sunday, and wanted to share with you!

Please do forgive the heinous pictures - it was super dark and super crowded in the Target pop up shop, which didn't allow me ample light or time to take better shots.  I hope you can get the idea, anyway!
Here are the darling floral bikes I was swooning over earlier in the week - the adult size is $200, and girls is $100.  Lovely.   

The little girls bathing suits were darling - they also have women's, which were cute but a bit skimpy.  Also, due to the crowds the collection seemed a bit picked over - they may have more styles available in stores that were gone by the time I arrived.   

As you can imagine, TONS of sweet dresses, priced around $25-$35 for women.  I kind of like the girls' dresses better, but that is probably because tiny things are cute as a general rule.

Nice lingerie, too.  All the ruffles might be a bit impractical to wear under a t-shirt, but pretty nonetheless. 

What a lovely way to keep your spare change!

A pretty little chair - would be perfect for my desk. 

And classic rain boots to boot.  Ha! 

There was a lot more to see pillows, dishes, lampshades, bags - and probably will be more in stores/online so you should check it out.  I felt very inspired to try and make similar items on my own at home. 

I left empty handed, but that was the result of a limited lunch hour and the looooooong line at the check out.  I shall return!   

If you are in NYC this week, you can visit the pop-up shop March 11-13 from 9am-8pm, 1095 6th Ave at 42nd St, across from Bryant Park.  After that it will be in regular stores starting on Sunday. 



  1. Wow, that looks a lot nicer than the Target Bodega -- great pictures!

  2. Thanks! It was pretty swank. Today is the last day if anyone wants to check it out!

  3. you didn't take a picture of the tons of pushy people!


  4. lovely colours love glenda sb