Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentines Delights

Valentine's Day is only a few days away friends!  I don't really go in for the whole mandatory roses and candy = love thing (not that I don't like flowers and/or candy) but I do like to show the special people in my life that I love them. 

Yet here is a heart I sent to a stranger!  WHAT!  Thanks to my new obsession, swapbot, I joined the Flat Flat heart swap and crafted (you guessed it) a flat heart out of fabric scraps to send to my assigned partner.  It came out so nice I wanted to keep it, but I think I'll just make some more.  It was easy!  And I think it helped me practice some quilting which I want to do more. 

To put it together, I sewed together a square of scraps then affixed them to an equal size square of interfacing.  I folded the square in half and cut out half a heart shape, so when I opened it up it was a full heart, even on both sides.  (Remember doing this in elementary school with construction paper?)

I pinned it to a scrap of felt I had then attached it with a zigzag stich for fun, trimming away the extra felt when it was done.  Sew Simple!

But wait, what if you don't sew but still want to make your own Valentines!  I've got some super simple options for you, don't worry. 

For those of you not into sewing or who want something a little easier, check out these free valentine's printables!  Here is a color your own from Up Up Creative, perfect for kids (or adults that dig crayons). 

A very cool idea from 24-7-365 using photos and candy.  (I found it via U Create, which has a TON of cool V-day ideas.)
A sweet owl from Jamie Hamblin Designs (she has more on her site - check it out post haste!)
And of course The Graphics Fairy (which I posted about) has a bunch of cute vintage Valetines for you to download. 

I hope this helps you to make your own Valentines this year - you can save some cash, and give something special.  Enjoy.


  1. Hi Emma,
    Thanks so much for another mention!
    I really like your little fabric heart, so sweet!!
    Happy Valentine's Day,

  2. i love swap-bot too! i'm totally addicted!! thanks for visiting my blog and i'm glad you like the tea kit!! hope to swap with you soon again!