Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pictures, Please.

Today only, you can get a free 8x10 photo at Walgreens. Here's how: go here for the printable coupon. (Print it out landscape, otherwise it gets cut off).

If you don't already have a photo account, go to the Walgreens site and set one up - load the picture you would like printed. When you order it, make sure to select 8x10 (not 4x6 which it automatically does for you).

At checkout, make sure you select your local Walgreens for pick up, and choose the pay in store option. Bring the coupon with you and a FREE 8x10 photo is yours!

A great way to (finally) print out some of the digital pictures you've got stored up! Thanks to Surviving the Stores for the heads up.

UPDATE: I picked up my picture at Walgreens successfully! A note to save some time - enter the last 4 digits of the coupon (6335) into the coupon code box at checkout, so the purchase comes up as $0 when you pick it up.
You can also bring a copy of the coupon with you, but the guy at the store got cranky because he had to enter it in manually and said I should have done it when I ordered it. (Not that it said anywhere for you to do it that way.)

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