Thursday, February 4, 2010

Make My Day

Ok I am now officially obsessed.  Swapbot is amazing!  I think everyone should do it, I love it so much.  Here is what I got in the mail today:
My partner in the Big Fat Stuffed Envelope swap sent me all of this awesome stuff!  Hair do-dads, cute pins, stationary, a mix cd, neck warmer and I giant lolipop!  It seriously made my day.  This past week has been a tough one and this really cheered me up so much.  It is so funny how a total stranger can do that*!  Thank you Rachel.   

(Also, please forgive the crummy pictures, again - I really should just bring my camera with me at all times.  For now just pretend its a polaroid and I'm so retro chic.) 

But that is not all!  What a lucky girl am I that I received not 1 but 2 packages in one day!

Another one I'd signed up for was to exchange tea kits: 2 packets of tea, one coaster, and a bookmark.  I really got lucky with this one.  My partner Katie happens to be an awesome cardmaker and sent me all this cool stuff! 

You should definitely check out her blog, Kate and Oli, and her etsy shop to see her amazing wares.

Like this Llama! 
So cool!  I love being a part of this network where I can share my own crafts and also see what else people are working on themselves - it is really inspiring.  Speaking of, I need to restock my own shop...hopefully there will be some new items in the next week or so.  Check back. 

*Brian's homemade baked ziti last night put me on the right track too. 


  1. Glad the Baked Ziti helped! Although I can't take all the credit...

  2. I see...what great stuff you got...I'm happy for you, thanks for being so kind on swap-bot! :D


  3. Thoses are some really nice gifts that you got. :-)

    I still have to take a look around Swap bot. I've heard a lot of good from it, so I think it should be time I check it out. :-p

  4. You should definitely check it out - its really fun, and a great way to see what other crafty people are up to/share ideas!

  5. Hi this is fii from swapbot following your blog.
    Its so true what you say about swapping:)

  6. I am new to Swap-bot also and love it!! So far I have been surprised with every package I have opened! One Woman's Haven from swap-bot now following.

  7. Welcome to all my new followers! I'm so glad you are here :)