Thursday, February 4, 2010

Football Fun...for me

The Superbowl is this weekend! Although I have tried to get more into football this year for Brian's sake, I'm still not sure that it is my thing. (Perhaps losing every single game in fantasy football has something to do with it.)
However, one thing I do like is theme parties! So I am excited to pick some fun football food for Sunday. Here is a cake I made for our joint birthday last year that seemed appropriate to share. (I tried to crop the boxed wine out of the pic, to no avail. It was free though!)

I've made this before too! So fun. Kraft Foods has some great game day ideas.

For some more, check out Birthday Girl's post here for a round up of some more fun ideas like these:

So, while I might not be a gridiron girl, I can find some things to keep me occupied with the game. Even though my attempt at Cat Team Jerseys was a total fail (maybe I'll figure it out for next season).

Now I just have to get invited somewhere...

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