Friday, February 5, 2010

My Favorite Boy

I was so happy to see that these cool blogs Made and Made by Rae have deemed February 2010
Celebrate the Boy month!

They have put together a month full of craft/sewing projects geared towards little guys like this one: 

Lots of ideas that I come across are full of frills   - which I love, but I was hoping that I might come across a good source of fun clothes and treats to make for my friend here. 

With one notable exception, seen here:

most of the babies I've known in the past year have been boys and I'm always at a loss for what to make them.  (I love girls too, especially the one above.  Actually, both of the girls above.  The one in pink is easier to put into a tutu though). 

I'm so happy to have some ideas for Dorian!

I hope he doesn't grow up too fast before I have a chance to make this stuff!

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  1. Cute kid :)

    Just stopped by to say thanks for entering my giveaway! It ends 2/21 at 9PM CST and the winner will be announced 2/22! Stay tuned! Good luck!