Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm A Winner!

Tons of craft blogs have giveaways, right? It's a great way to get people to check out your site, comment, and share your handiwork. I've entered a bunch of these contests but haven't won anything yet. UNTIL NOW!

Check out Blue Cricket Design!

This awesome blog has great tutorials and ideas, like this cool Tulle Corsage Embellished Tee.

Plus, Becca at Blue Cricket showcases other cool blogs to keep things fresh! For example:
Dot and Line!

This is a really cool shop that sells handmade lampshades (my fav is the green one on the left) - one of which I get to pick out, thanks to the $50 gift certificate I won! Woo hoo! Thanks so much to Blue Cricket and Dot and Line for their generosity. I am thrilled.

I hope you kids check out these sites, and maybe you will be the lucky one on the next go-round. I've been inspired to do a giveaway of my own - stay tuned!


  1. Congrats on the win!! I'm still hoping to win something one day. :D

    [omgz @ SB]

  2. Keep at it - you will! I thought I never would but ta da! I did :)