Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Veil of a Tale!

Hello Friends!  Wow I've been a busy bee!  I did want to share with you a fun craft I made for my friend Rebecca.  We celebrated her bachelorette festivities this weekend traversing vineyards in Long Island - and I made her some stunning headgear for the special day.
Here she is being a good sport!

It was pretty simple to put together, I used a roll of 6 inch orange tulle, and sewed four strips together lengthwise, times two, for two layers total.  (I would recommend just using wider tulle from a large bolt if you can to eliminate this step, but you work with what you have.) 

I put one layer on top of the other and stitched them together with a gathering stitch.  I pulled the string to gather them up, then affixed the to a yellow headband I had on hand with hot glue.  I covered the interior of the headband with some yellow ribbon to cover up the gluey mess. 

I wanted to add some pizazz to the outside of the headband, so I used some strips of orange fabric and gathered them up into a ruffle, and glued them to the headband too.  So cool!  I think she liked it.  Or, she put up with it at least! 

A fun way to highlight your bride to be, add some color to her ensemble, and not be too gaudy.  Ha! 

More on our adventures in vineyards later!

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