Monday, August 2, 2010

Dinosaur BBQ

So this is not going to become a blog where I post all of the food I consume, but check out my Friday Night!  We visited Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem for a birthday celebration. 
 Have you ever had Fried Green Tomatoes?  Delicious - but then again, anything fried and dipped in ranch has got to be good, right?

Divya, Julie M and I get ready to chow down!

And we so did.  Some chicken, mac and cheese, cornbread - sliders in the background were yet another choice. 
Jim heartily approves of his fare, and Kristy concurs. 

I bet you are wondering, what would a vegetarian like myself eat at a place like this?  Don't worry, my amazing portabello burger, topped with cheese and extra veggies, plus collard greens and mac and cheese left me stuffed. 
Stefanie poses with her Pork Slap beer - so cute!

And of course it wouldn't be complete without pie.  Sweet potato and pecan - yum! 

Happy Belated Birthday, Frank! 


  1. I am no vegetarian, but I would love to try that 'burger'!

    By the way, I blogged about your city today. My favorite of all cities.