Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I heart the beach

Hi friends!  I'm back from the beach in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware - what a fun, fabulous weekend! 

Of course we made a stop at Sonic which was AWESOME. 

Should I even admit that I ate French Toast sticks dipped in a Smores milkshake for lunch?  And that it was delicious? 

Matt and Julie liked it too. 

Daniel was a good sport. 
We had some amazing weather - I love the beach! 

So do my pals Daniel and Matt.

And thumbs up from Julie, of course!

Here are some super nutritious cheese salads that we ate at Nicobolis. 

Can't stop having fun!
Julie LOVES Nicobolis, and Daniel.  In no particular order.  I think. 

I like a lot of hot pink, apparently. 

Almost as much as Matt loves hot dogs. 

Lots of relaxing and lounging in the sun. 
Can't wait to go back next year!


  1. That looks like so much fun! I'm gonna go research this s'mores milkshake thing. : )

  2. Looks like it was great fun. Almost could have been there. It will be a nice memory when the winds of winter are blowing. Just stopping by to catch up and say hi,

    Coleen in Ukraine\Swap-bot

  3. @Felicity - the Smores Milkshake is from Sonic, I think they actually call it a Campfire? Limited time only...Sonics are hard to come by in the Northeast so I had to make my move when I had the chance!