Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today's Pick ME Up - Your Time!

This totally made my day! 

Recently I won an amazing giveaway on Mary Janes and Galoshes (an amazingly inspirational and creative blog, btw).  I was lucky enough to receive a gift certificate to Your Time on Etsy - let me tell you I was beyond thrilled when I received my package in the mail today! 

I selected the lovely earrings and necklace above.  Of course, the nice picture of the earrings is Lata's, from her Your Time page on etsy (since there is another set available!), and the cheesy cell phone pics of me modeling my necklace don't do it justice.  It is gorgeous!  It is a little silver ring that has the word "focus" inscribed on it, with a delicate chain.  I love love love both of these items!  PLUS I have an event after work today and am so happy to wear these with my ensemble. 
You should definitely check out Your Time - she makes such lovely handmade jewelry, and all of the prices are incredibly reasonable.  Amazing stuff for gifts for friends, family...or yourself :) 

Thanks Lata, for the beautiful pieces, and thank you to Taylor for hosting the giveaway!  You made my day, ladies. 


  1. Exactly what I would have chosen, LOVE them!

  2. Congrats and I love the sentiment "focus." i could use one of those. ; )