Monday, August 16, 2010

Taking the Highline

Actually, you can't anymore.  Its been out of commission since 1980, when it made its last journey filled with dozens of frozen turkeys.

But you can visit!  The former elevated rail tracks were left to the elements for the past 30 years, and have now been turned into an amazing urban public park.  I checked it out this weekend and it was very cool!

Here I am! 

 New sections of the urban garden will be opened in the future - but there is plenty of space already accessible. 

Lots of pretty flowers and greenery.

The combination of nature with the industrial is quite amazing - and being just above the city is very cool too. 

Matt and Julie accompanied me - we got to check one thing off of our Summer To Do List!

The views of the city are lovely. 

I have some pretty great friends. 

Cool views of the meatpacking district.

And this (literal) sausage factory!

I really love the juxtaposition of green gardens and city. 

Me again!  Making my way down, once the rain started. 

We were good citizens and agreed to fill out a survey about our experience.  I thought it was awesome!

More awesomeness: the GIANT pretzels at the Standard Beer Garden, situated below the Highline. 

They have some good looking bratwurst, too (if you're in to that sort of thing.)  These ones were filled with cheese!  Yum!  (Or so I heard.) 

All in all, and awesome afternoon.  If you're in NYC you should definitely check it out! 
Go here for more info. 

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  1. That looks really cool, I love it when cities "repurpose" abandoned spaces. Thanks for sharing! : )