Thursday, August 19, 2010

NYC Journey comes to an end...

Here is the final installment for our journey through the mean streets of NYC! 

It wasn't mean though.  Everyone was nice and it was a beautiful day for a stroll. 

Lovely architecture. 

We did need a break once we hit Columbus Circle. 

Spirits still good! 

Here is a cool sign I saw along the way. 

OK, so I know I skipped about 70 blocks but here is Chinatown! 

Almost there...Manhattan Bridge in the distance.

And there is my friend, the Brooklyn Bridge too!  She is so pretty.

And...we made it!  South Street Seaport!  Woo hoo!

 Thumbs up to us. 

 For reference, the last stop on the A train there is where we started...

and we successfully made it all the way down to the bottom!

 We celebrated with drinks and a delicious dinner at Bogota in Park Slope.  Yum!

(We took a cab home from there.)

So it was a fun journey!  Days later, my legs are still a little sore but I had fun and think Mom did too.  If you're interested in doing it the next time you're in New York, here is the article that inspired us. 

Also, you could check out Manhattan: Block by Block - A Street Atlas by John Tauranac to help you along your way, or another good guide to NYC like Rough Guide.  For our trip we just followed Broadway down for most of it.  Wear good walking shoes, don't forget to stretch, and enjoy the scenery of the greatest city in the world! 


  1. I dream of going to NYC, the architecture is amazing! I missed looking at your trips :) Ive been offline too long!
    Maria Isabel

  2. looks like you had a great time!

  3. Thank you! I did have a great time - and I definitely recommend it if you come to NYC!

  4. I see yummy beverages. Aren't cities so awesome? I love how you can constantly discover something new.

  5. Yes they were delish! Mine was a sangria/margarita mix, and Mom had Negro Modelo with jalepenos and chili powder on the rim! CooL!