Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More of My Epic NYC Walkabout!

I told you there was more!  I've never really spent time near Columbia - its so pretty! 
(Matt you made a good choice.)

I just like plaques, what can I say? 

They were shooting a movie, Premium Rush - I didn't see anybody famous though. 
I love being a dorky tourist in my own city!

The diner from Seinfeld - in person!

Quite a pretty little park at 106th street.  Man, fountains are awesome!  Or, as my nephew Dorian calls it, "a water feature."  Very classy. 

I took this picture for my Dad - Duke Ellington Blvd!  Doooo, doot doot A train, la, lalalalalalalalala LAAA! 

By this point, we needed a rest.  Break time!  We stopped at Toast for some limeades and  lunch. 

Sitting felt good, by then.  We did make it back up though, not to worry.  More to come...

(enter my GIVEAWAY!) 

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  1. Oh my this looks like a walk we should do next time we are in NY. Is there a map or anything you followed? I do you know what's what and where to go?