Saturday, August 7, 2010

Scrappy Crafting

I love when I can make a cool craft using stuff I already have, and especially when it would have been destined for the dumpster too! 

My retractable tape measure ceased to retract, which led to a messy sewing box.  No worries; I had a backup (or 10) but I didn't want to toss it because...well, I don't know, but I hung on to it nevertheless.  Then I got an idea! 

Inspired by this tutorial from How About Orange, I made it into a little bow by cutting it up and stapling little loops. (You could glue them too - the skinny tape measure was a little unweildy with a full sized stapler. I hot glued them together into the bow shape. 

But WAIT!  That's not all! 

Too cute just to grace a package (although you could do that too, by affixing some double sided tape to the bottom), I glued on a little scrap of fleece and a pin I had.  Yay!  Now I can show my passion for sewing on my sleeve...or shirt, or bag, or wherever I want. 


  1. If only you knew I how many of these no-longer-retracting tape measurers I have....what a great idea for Christmas presents for the teachers at my school. Super duper idea...and thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks! I'm so glad you like the idea and will use it too!

  3. I've been on a bow kick myself, started by How About Orange too! Never thought of a measuring tape though, and now I have to try it!