Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend with Mom and Dad

I never get tired of looking at this.  The Brooklyn Bridge is stunning, no matter what time of day.

My parents came to visit me this weekend and I took them down to the newly renovated (and work in progress) Brooklyn  Bridge park.  Its so lovely!  Fantastic views of downtown Manhattan, the water, the bridges, and plenty of space to relax. 

These areas are newly opened this year with more to come - including ball fields, tidal pools, free kayaking, a beach, a picnic area and more. 
Its such a beautiful vista its prime location for wedding pictures - it down poured on our way over, but the sun was peeking out when we arrived, so all of the well dressed revelers came out and snapped away!

Here is my Dad, posing. 

Ah these views are just nuts!  I love my city. 

More to come!!!


  1. Wonderful pictures, maybe one day ill get to see that bridge in person!

  2. AHHH these photos made me smile. My brothers and I have such a great memory of walking across the bridge, stopping halfway across, sitting down and playing a game of cards! It was perfect!

  3. Faiza, I love that story! I'll have to bring some cards for my next trek across :)

    Maria - you should definitely make a trip someday! I hope you can.