Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thank You, Govna'!

(Title Said in a Cheesy British Accent)

More on my epic visit to Governors Island!  Here I am on one side of the isle - as you can see, the views are amazing!  That's the statue of Liberty in the background, along with the Staten Island Ferry (which is blocking Ellis Island in this shot, but it is there, believe you me!) 

This weekend there was a festival called Meatopia - a combination BBQ and Beer celebration.  My two favorite things, right?  (No, not really).  But it was very popular as you can see - and the island is large enough to accommodate such a big festival and still have plenty of space for non brew loving vegetarians like myself.

The old buildings where army and coast guard were stationed are just lovely. 

Some are from the 1960s - not as pretty architecture, but man I wish I lived on Bear Road!  (How would the bears get there?  I don't know, can they swim that far?) 

A pretty archway, and another cool building. 

Lots of open space, too.  You can rent or bring your own bike - its a small island and flat so even if you're not a hardcore biker its a lot of fun!  We walked it this weekend, but next time I'll bring my bike back.  They have little trolley shuttles too. 

This is picnic point - great place for a picnic, as you can see! 

Also, gardens!  There is a little farmer's market near picnic point - so cool!

And good old Jersey, of course. 

OH - they did move the ferry location from last year, on the Brooklyn side.  (Mom and Dad are waiting happily at the WRONG location in this pic, thanks to my poor planning).  Its a pier 6 now, which is walkable but pretty far from the old location on a super hot day, anyway.  You can find info on how to get there (or to the Manhattan terminal) here.  Did I mention the ferry is free?  GO!

Hi Mom!


  1. Looking at these pics make me feel fresh and breezy!

  2. Oh yay! It was super hot that day but the cooling ocean/river breezes were divine. So fun! Hope everyone isn't sick of this topic by now - last post on it this week, I promise!

  3. Sounds like you guys had fun! Those buildings and open spaces are.. lovely! Wish I was there too