Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Governor's Island Art

Sparkle Sparkle! 

On Sunday my parents and I trekked to Governor's Island.  It is a little island (made larger when the dirt filling the subway tunnels was heaped there a hundred years ago) so close to Manhattan - literally, a 5 minute boat ride, but it feels in another world! 

I will share more about the island later, but I wanted to show you the amazing art exhibits they had on display in old, empty homes.  The island was an army base and later a Coast Guard station, and has some lovely architecture and buildings, all empty now.  UNTIL.  A great Not For Profit organization, No Longer Empty, organized art to fill the space - you can see some here!  These pretty ones above are by artist Wendy Wischer.  I love how she incorporates the art into the space itself. 

This piece is called Wave in the Wall (for obvious reasons) by Adam Cvijanovic.  Quite stunning, and it works for the island and its architecture and history too.

A few other more avant garde exhibits - I loved how diverse the works were! 

There were plenty of more traditional watercolors and oil paintings in addition to the more modern installations. 
Something for everyone!  You can even take painting classes there - that would be so awesome!

All of the above art was housed along Colonels Row.  There was plenty more outside, with sculptures abound! 

Even the mini golf course was artsy. 

A delightful afternoon - and even more to share!  Stay tuned :)


  1. I love it when people make good use of vacant building and I like the sparkles and the...sausages?

  2. Wow What a trip! I like how art "habituates" the abandoned space, makes me think of those huge graffiti masterpieces on abandoned buildings.

  3. I know - I love recycling/reusing in all forms!