Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My First Quilt!

Ta da!  I finished my first mini quilt!  Here it is. 

I used this free pattern from one of my favorite sites for great gift ideas - Sew For Home

You may be wondering what is with the weird seams - this is a rag quilt, so the seams are exposed on purpose.  As you wash it, they fray to give it a relaxed look. 

Here Dorian models it for me - look how fun!

The front side is cotton, the back is grey flannel with pink stitching.  It is for a baby shower I'm going to this weekend - a light little quilt for a summer baby.  I hope she loves it! 


  1. Nice quilt Emma!
    here we cross again! Mad About Pink - SB

  2. So cute and great job for your 1st quilt!

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