Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Neverending Overdose

Oh man - a championship dinner at Olive Garden last night. Its neverending pasta bowl season, kids! This is my second battle of the year, and it was a triumphant one. Not sure I have another one in me before time runs out, but man I love Olive Garden! Its amazing how polarizing this restaurant is - people LOVE LOVE LOVE it (me) or would rather eat glass marinara than enter its doors. But come on, its fun, cheap (especially now!), and its pretty hard to mess up Italian food, even if its mass produced. Some fun tidbits: Did you know you can get different flavor salad dressing on your unlimited salad? (Soup is for suckers! Or people who don't like vegetables) Its true, just ask! And if you go for your bday (as I have done) they give you a whole chocolate cake!
What do you guys think - is OG a no go, or a yes please? Leave a comment!


  1. I love never-ending pasta bowl! But you already knew that...

  2. As a lover of Italian food, Emma can attest to my love of the OG. You really can't go wrong at this place, and the breadsticks are worth the trip alone.

    And hey, soup for suckers! Such a dig!

  3. OG is life - the rest is just details. 'Nuff said.