Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lavender Loveliness

(before de-twigging)

I'm in a bit of a dither. I want to make a bunch of things to stock my Etsy Shop, but I also want to make things for people I love, especially for birthdays and the holidays. Christmas is still a few months away, but I like to be prepared, and give myself enough time to get everything done so I don't end up giving out paperclip necklaces.

My goal for now is to add at least one new thing to my Etsy per week, and alternate between personal projects and ones for sale. I'm on track so far...

Here is an item I am intending to give to someone in particular, but it came out well so maybe I can make some more for my shop! I used all ingredients I had on hand (bonus!) and it was quite simple - try it out! I found it via Sparkle Power, another hip blog I love!

(after detwigging)

I made a few adjustments. I didn't have a lot of rice, so I mixed half rice and half lentils. I did have a lot of lavender that was past its prime for display purposes, but still smelled delicious so I added that, after pulling the little pods off of the stems so the user wouldn't get poked in the eye. An important step, even if it did take some time, and some dust busting.
You could just buy lavender ready to go, but by buying a bouquet at Brooklyn Flea, I supported a local grower, and was able to enjoy the scent filling my apartment by putting it in a vase for a few weeks. You don't have to water it even!

(the final product)

I mixed it all together and pretty much followed the directions from there - it comes out quite large so I took off a couple of inches by folding over the ends of the interior piece before sewing it up, which I hope will also help keep the magic mixture inside more secure.

This is bigger than a standard eye pillow, but you could use it for that. If you want an actual eye pillow with its own slipcover and carrying case, Amy Butler has a free template. Or you can just use the pattern I did and cut it down to the size you prefer.
(in action)

I think this thing will be handy for winter - you can microwave it and it will heat you up, or relax a sore muscle. You can stick it in the freezer too. And it smells SO GOOD. I wish I could blog a smell. Oh well, I'll have to wait for technology to catch up. In the meantime, you can enjoy this picture of me and it.
I realize that if I post things here that I will be giving to loved ones in the near future, they may get a glimpse ahead of time and it won't be a surprise. But, I do want to share my work and get input, and maybe this way my friends and family will see stuff they like and tell me, so I'll know what to give each person, or swap one intended recipient for another. Or hopefully they will just forget.

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