Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ha tricked you! Here is my favorite DC activity! Made you wait a bit, didn't I? Or, not, if you're reading this all at one time. Either way - The Flea Market at Eastern Market was so awesome! They have tons of food, crafts, antiques, art, junk - everything under the sun, plus a farmer's market and the newly renovated Eastern Market which has meats and cheese and produce and all sorts of good stuff. I got some really cute kitchen implements from the 60s, I think? A sifter and some baking molds - and most of the items in all of the booths were very reasonable. (I love Brooklyn Flea but some of that stuff is just ridiculously expensive!!)

Plus, its in a beautiful part of DC with lovely old homes that is just mesmerizing, especially in the summer with all of the greenery! This would be my #1 recommendation for anyone going to DC - which it was, for a friend of mine to me! Magical!
It was just a lovely way to spend a summer day, strolling around. Highly recommended. Did I tell you go enough? GO!
It was a long drive back, with Sunday traffic but overall a fantastic weekend. And made even more so because of my delightful traveling companion :) I like little road trips, and checking out America! Will have to do more. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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