Wednesday, September 16, 2009

For the record...

In an effort to share my crafty development, here are some early projects I made:

These are my care bear ears! Oh, the memories of Halloween's past...

If you're ever in need of nontraditional animal ears, making them yourself is the way to go. All I did for these was buy a puffy headband, sew a tube of pink fleece slightly larger than it, and slip the headband in, sewing up the ends when all was in place.

To make the ears stick up, I cut up a plastic coffee can lid into two circles and sewed little pockets for them. I sewed them onto the fleece headband and glued a lighter colored fleece for the inside of the ears. I had plenty left over to make a pom pom tail (also useful to make for a nice soft baby toy), AND I even made three long unicorn tales the next year! Yes, I'm a hoarder. I don't like to throw stuff out if I can think of a potential use for it in the future. I REALLY like to recycle!
This actually used a similar sewing method! I bought one of those little airplane neck pillows without a cover, because all the covers at the store were yucky. I measured the total length and width of the pillow and made a tube to fit. I stuffed the pillow in and sewed up the ends. Done! Not as neat as those pre-made pillow covers, but way cooler.
Incidentally, I didn't like using it on the airplane - it made my neck stick forward too much, when combined with the headrest that was already there! It is delightful for car rides, though, if you have someone kind enough to drive you places and let you rest.
I hope to be able to track my improving skills by posting my creations - let me know what you think!

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