Sunday, September 13, 2009

How did you get here? Oh, I biked.

My latest lifelong dream come true! I got a new beautiful bike and I love it so so much. As you can see it is a super hip Raleigh English bicycle from the 1980s and it rides like a dream - I took it out for my first real spin this morning with Brian and it was delightful! I almost hit a bird but escaped in time to avoid disaster.
My mom found it for me and I brought it home last weekend, managing to fit it in the Civic (thanks Brian!). It was an birthday present a few months early but now I can ride it all fall instead of having to wait until the winter is over, like I would have to if I'd gotten it in December.

Also Dorian gave away the surprise within one minute of seeing me, "Emmie you got a bike!" So the jig would have been up on that anyway.

I am still a little scared of driving on busy streets with cars - back in the day when I had a bike gang in Connecticut the traffic wasn't really a huge issue - but I'm learning. Cruising through Prospect Park was a perfect start. I have a helmet, now I just need a little basket and maybe a bell. I will be just like Angela Lansbury in the opening credits of Murder, She Wrote! SO HIP!

My goal this season is to ride over the Brooklyn Bridge to Julie's house -let's hope I can do it before the snow starts! Thanks Brian for taking such fabulous pictures AND for riding with me today! Hopefully the first of many biking adventures!!


  1. Umm, what bike gang? Was the before or after you were premed?

  2. WAAAAAAY before! Back when I was a young hooligan on the streets of Newtown, CT.