Friday, September 11, 2009

A bang up job.

Oh man my hair has been driving me nuts! My bangs are way too long so I either have to put them up in an insane bobby pin and bumpits concoction (as in the fancy picture at a lovely wedding last weekend):
or I try and brush it to the side and it just ends up in my eyes, as in the picture with the cute young gentleman below (not to be confused with the other cute slightly older gentleman above).
Finally I decided I had had enough and did something I've never done before: cut my own bangs! Now, my mom used to trim my bangs when I was young (I've gone with the bangs and medium length hairdo for most of my life), but I've always been too scared to do it on my own. As such, I'm always left in limbo for a month or so before I want to get a haircut but after my bangs are too long. I've heard that you can get a free bangs trim from your hairdresser, but that seems like a hassle, and I'm a little bit scared of hairdressers too. Irrationally so, but they wield so much power over you head! Literally!
I don't want to go to some random cheepo place because I know it would be crooked, and I'm very particular about my fringe. (They call bangs fringe in the UK! So continental.)
I came across this post about how to save money doing little things you might pay someone to do, that you can do yourself, and it included trimming your own bangs! Ta da! I used my sewing shears instead of getting a pair of haircutting ones, which would make sense over the long haul but seemed like an unnecessary expense when I had a perfectly good pair of sharp scissors at my disposal. At least I wasn't using something like this: !

Anyway, the key is to do it with dry hair so as not to be surprised with micro bangs, my worst enemy.

I started by holding the comb parallel to the floor around my eyebrows and cutting vertically, and then tried the twisting small chunks method but both were annoying so I just free styled it. I would say they came out OK - not perfect, but honestly, I am never 100% happy with any haircut until a week or so afterwords. I need time for it to grow in a smidge and get used to the missing chunk when I shampoo.
They aren't totally even but since I don't wear them flat on my head you can't really notice. (Or so I tell myself). This will definitely last me until my next appointment in a few weeks- I can't wait for my day of beauty with Julie in October! I guess we shall see what the stylist thinks of my DIY 'do when I get there.
So what do you think?

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