Thursday, November 5, 2009

Small Purse, Big Fun

Big purses are great! What's not to love about cramming everything you need for the next 24 hours into one massive satchel? But what to do with those little ones you have kicking around? Donate them!

I found out about The Small Purse Project via Craftypod. Check out those links for more details, but basically, students at a high school in Illinois aren't allowed to carry backpacks, for security reasons. Unfortunately, the school has had a lot of negative media attention there too. The girls are allowed to carry small purses (no bigger than 8 1/2x11 inches - the size of a piece of paper), in order to tote around their lady necessities.
How can you help these girls out? Donate any new or gently used small purses! Or even better, craft up a new one for them - there are a TON of awesome free patterns collected at DIY Bag Lover! The pics here are linked to some of my favorite patterns too. What a great way to make something cool and help out some ladies in need at the same time. Info on specs and where to send them is here.
When you send them, the girls will set up a sale so that they can pick up cute school worth purses for only $5, with the money going to help the school too. Wins all around!
I've already found a few in my collection that were just taking up space, but that a high school girl might dig! I'm sure you do too. Feel good, and free up some space in your place!

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