Friday, November 6, 2009

In a Pickle (Food Tour, Part 2)

Another Better Late than Never post! Two in a row!

Anyway, I went on a Fabulous Food Tour of the Lower East Side recently, and wanted to blog all about it! We made so many great stops it was way too much for one post, so I'm doing it in installments. Check out the first one!

Today's entry is on the next stop: The Pickle Guys. If you are a lover of pickles as I am, you will LOVE this place. The smell is amazing! We tried an assortment of pickles - new (on the bottom of the picture above), half sour (middle) and full sour (top). The difference in flavor comes from how long you let them soak in brine - the new pickles, aged only a few days, taste more like cucumbers and have a fresher flavor, while the full sours sit for a couple of weeks, and have a stronger vinegar/garlic taste. The half sour, of course, is somewhere in between. All were delicious!

And of course they have more than just pickles - the tiny store is filled with huge buckets of pickled everything! Beets, eggs, cauliflower, peppers, olives...they even sell chocolate truffles with pickles in the middle. (Not as bad as you might think).

The guys that work there are super nice too - I might even go back this weekend to introduce a certain pickle aficionado I know to it!

Don't worry - much more food to come. Stay tuned!

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