Thursday, November 19, 2009


You know what is fun? Olden days transportation. Like a wagon!

Look how excited said 3 year old is? SO EXCITED!! (Me too!)

It was really lovely to see the beautiful countryside of Old Lyme, CT - quite stunning, actually, and refreshing too, coming from NYC!

The other kids had a great time - so did the grown ups!

Bessie and Dorian study the scenery of beautiful Fox Glove Farm.

Bess and I introduce ourselves to our new horsey pals, Samuel and Adams.

And look! We didn't lose anyone overboard even.

Even the little one! She is hard to miss in her hot pink though.

It felt like our hayride was a time machine to the days of yore!

Everyone was transfixed!

And happy to be there!

What better way to celebrate a 3rd birthday?

Fresh air and fun, and bangs.

Nicky is a good sport and poses with me without threatening to jump off the wagon.

Samuel (or Adams) from the rear. HA!
Jack grows a little restless.

Our new friend, miniature horse Little Debbie!

More horsey friends: Nickel & Dime.

Everyone is having fun!

Happy Birthday Dorian!!!!

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