Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Buon Giorno!!

The final installment of my food tour extravaganza is here! A month late, but who is counting? It also happens to be my favorite portion of the tour - Little Italy!

Fresh gnocchi and pasta, mozzarella and other delicious cheeses, sundried tomatoes -yum!
I don't eat meat but man, I could go for some of this! If I started again, Alleva would definitely be my first stop for pepperoni.

Alleva was amazing! The cheese was awesome and the family that runs it - for over 100 years - was so fun too. Check it out.

For our final stop, we finished things off with something sweet - cannolis from Ferrara Cafe.
I always thought Little Italy was just a tourist trap with no authentic Italian places left, but I was so wrong! While Italians might not live in the area, there are many businesses that have been there for decades and for good reason - they are delicious!

Our happy (and full) group posing for a final shot! Thank you Julie!

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