Monday, November 23, 2009

Chinatown, My Chinatown

More on the food tour! Next Stop: Chinatown!

Here is another great trick to perform for out of towners to have them think you are the ultimate New Yorker: take them to Vanessa's Dumpling House. No frills, super crowded, but delicious and so cheap!
Seriously! You can get 4 dumplings for $1! That is nuts. I fully support the insanity though, when it means a belly full of steamed veggie dumplings for a fraction of a $5 footlong.

They cook them fresh right before your eyes! Plus - please try one of their sesame pancake sandwiches? They are amazing and only $ 2-$4 each. Unreal. I love this place and have already been back once since being introduced to it!

I wish I shopped in Chinatown more - you can get such great deals on incredibly fresh food! Its a little overwhelming...but worth it.

Look at these pretty yellow tomatoes! And where else can you pick up a stalk or two of sugarcane?

However: if you come across one of these thorny beauties beware! The Durian, or King of All Fruit, is incredibly dangerous.

In that it tastes like what I believe hell is like. Apparently, it is illegal to carry these on public transportation in Thailand, because once opened (quite a task) their scent is so pungent as to overwhelm other passengers. They look kind of cool, though.

Are these not the most adorable baked goods you have seen in your life? Almost too cute to eat.

We stopped by Lucky King bakery to try some steamed buns - although some of our group were not a fan (Daniel) I thought they were great! Who knew black bean curd could make for a delightful dessert?

I snagged a Chrysanthemum flavored ice tea juice box - it tasted pretty much like Julie's regular ice tea juice box. But it sure is fun to drink out of a juice box!

Up next: Little Italy!

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