Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fondue Festival of Fun

This weekend I had my very first dinner party in my new aapartment - yay!  Lifelong dream come true!  I wanted to do something fun and fancy - so I made fondue! 

Daniel, Julie and Matt liked it, apparently.  And Matt is not trying to stab Julie with his fondue fork (man do I love those things - I want to eat all my food with it!).  He is just ready for his next bite. 

For dipping, I had bread cubes, carrots, clementines, veggie sausage, apples, mushrooms (which I forgot in the fridge), grape tomatoes and cauliflower.  Way too much food for 4 people, but we didn't leave hungry and I had a lot of leftovers!  It was my first try at fondue, and I used this article and accompanying recipes for inspiration.  The one I selected was made with cheddar and beer - a little stringy, but still very tasty (if messy!) 

And nothing goes with fondue like cupcakes from Butter Lane, right?  RIGHT?  Matt brought an assortment that we sampled - chocolate with strawberry frosting, chocolate with caramel frosting topped with kettle corn, vanilla with cinnamon honey frosting, and classic vanilla with chocolate. 

But that's not all - both of these are banana cake, one with cream cheese frosting and the other with peanut butter chocolate!  Yum!  I love how you can mix and match cakes and frostings at Butter Lane.  Plus they seem to have Groupons a lot so you might be able to get a deal! 

Overall, a success!  Can't wait to do it again - and have some more fondue experiments. 

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