Monday, April 11, 2011

Nice Day for a Stroll

 Wow its 75 degrees in NYC today!  Woo hoo!  Saturday wasn't that warm, but still a splendid day for a stroll with my pal Sasha.  We walked pretty much all day, from about 1230pm to 9, minus a stop or 2 for sustenance.  We even walked home to my apartment - over the Brooklyn Bridge of course!

See?  Told you so. 

We also got to check out a cool Beer Garden in my neighborhood - Der Scwartz Koelner, just a few blocks from my house.  So, there is no garden, but it was a lovely beer hall, and did have a few outdoor tables.  I think they probably open the long windows in warmer weather too. 

I'm not a beer fan, but did try a shandy (half beer, half sprite) - and I'm still not a beer fan.  But, they have lots of beer, if you like that!  Plus pretzels and pickles and potato cakes (which we tried - pretty good!).  They also have wine, so I hope to go back!  (And I kind of want to try the Mezzomix - 1/2 fanta, 1/2 coke!).   It was a fun and friendly atmosphere, with a mix of families, friends, and strangers all sharing long tables. 

I love trying new stuff in my 'hood!


  1. Happy Spring Emma! This post made me smile. Happy weather. : )

  2. a "shandy", huh? I don't like beer much either, but I might give this Shandy thing a shot ...
    hahahahaha "a shot" ... hahahaha
    u can't make this stuff up! :)