Monday, April 25, 2011

Blood = Love

Here is a nice way to help the world that doesn't cost any money, plus you get free cookies:
This is me doing it today.  And in case you are wondering, they made me wear that paper sheet because I was wearing a skirt.  The Red Cross people are just thoughtful like that. 

This is my friend Julie M doing the same.  She is showing her sweet donor card - you can get one too if you donate!  Also, they gave us both T shirts today, and did not skimp on the snacks, either. 

Today's donation was in a mobile blood bus- a cool experience, if a little cramped.  We could watch people walking by in Columbus circle right outside as we did our duty. 

So, if you can - give blood!  I'm next eligible June 20 - who's in? 

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