Thursday, October 14, 2010

Salem Town!

Salem isn't all scary!  In the daylight its quite lovely, in fact. 

A room or two at this pretty inn are rumored to be haunted, but it looks nice to me! 

We visited the coolest used book store - this place was SERIOUS. 

Talk about overwhelming!  I didn't even know when to start. 

A former "home for aged women."  Not a bad place to end up, I suppose. 

Just a couple of cow-girls, hanging around town. 

Town square.

Witches everywhere!

Yes, that is its real name.  Classy. 

This boat is called The Friendship.  And look at these two friends!  And their yellow hats! 

Salem's famous son, Nathaniel Hawthorne.  I call him Nate. 
The House of Seven Gables. 
The Yard of Seven Gables.  (I made that up.) 
This house was home to a horrendous murder in days of yore...but it inspired the game clue!
And it has a pretty little entryway. 
The Colonel's "Mustard" house.

So, Salem is a lovely historical town to visit, whether or not you care about witches and the supernatural.  Check it out, if you can!

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