Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Fun at Crane Estates

Continuing my fabulous trip to Massachusetts this weekend...after apple picking we visited
The Crane Estate in Ipswich/Essex.
It was kind of amazing. 

How pretty would this place be for a wedding?  There were 3 there the day we visited. 

Even the more run down areas are just beautiful and romantic. 

My new friend!

One of the statues had vacated her post, so I stepped up.  Literally. 
This estate was a summer house(yup) of a wealthy Chicago manufacturer in the first half of the 20th century. 
I love imagining myself attending a garden party in one of these scenic courtyards. 
So many pretty little details, like this fire breathing (puking?) cherub...
I wonder what went on behind these ornate gates...

These three guys may not have bodies, but they do have a great view...
See, told you!
My pals strolling down the hill.  Looks like a J Crew ad, huh?

The main house from afar.

This "little" guest house is an inn now. 

The marshes flanking the driveway up the hill to the estate.  There is a beach too - we didn't make it there because it had a bit of flooding after all the rain last week, but I definitely want to go and check it out sometime next summer!  (Hi Sash, this is me inviting myself back to visit!)

Statues dotted the landscape.  Very lovely. 
I liked this lady in the shadows. 
And the breathtaking view from the cliffs at the edge of the estate.  So beautiful - thanks Sasha and Billy for taking me!  A must see if you're in the area. 

More to come on my Salem adventures...check back tomorrow!

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