Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Rock

Now I'm in a dither. I can't decide which "The Rock" I like better.

This one. Or.

This one!

Visiting Alcatraz was my #1 activity that I wanted to do while in San Francisco.

Frances was a good sport. Also there were nachos on the ferry boat, so that made things A-OK.

Whee! I love fun transportation!

The boat ride was only 12 minutes long. Windy, though, if you're wearing a dress. Like I was/usually am.

We tried to take some nice shots together but this was the least goofy. Oh well!

Lovely views to gaze upon while traversing the bay.

And some amazing scenery once we arrived!

This was the officers club, it better days. A striking structure, though, even now.

I can't imagine what it would have been like to have such a beautiful vibrant city so close...but so far. 

Some parts are a little scary -

but I made it through with my trusty audio tour.  Dig my hot hot headphones?
Amazing views...
And cramped quarters.
I feel bad for smiling so much.
Frances had the right pose for such a place.  She has acting experience, after all. 
But she knows how to smile too, don't worry. 

 I learned quite a bit through the audio tour - available in many languages, and a nice way to tour around at your own pace, and via a guided talk by a ranger on a specific escape attempt.  Informative and interesting, both.

 This prison supposedly had very good food!  Wow. 

 If you haven't been, and are in the area, you MUST.  Seriously.  I got my tickets here.  Just so you know, tickets do sell out, sometimes days in advance during peak season - so make sure to plan ahead! 
 They also have a night tour which sounds awesome - that of course was sold out during my trip.  Something to look forward to for next time though! 

Frances has lived in the Bay Area for her whole life but had never been to Alcatraz!  I think she enjoyed her visit.  Although she did skip my preparation research session the night before.
Well worth it, I think. 

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  1. I went to San Fran for a week in Summer '08 and they were indeed booked up the entire week. Thanks for sharing your visit, it sounds so awesome!

  2. AWESOME POST EM! This looks like it was so much fun! I can just hear you saying, "will you take a picture of me here, and here, and's for the blog!"