Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Delights

Ah!  So much fun was had this weekend!  I felt sooooo New Yorky at an ultimately awesome picnic in Central park on Saturday. 

There was a pinata, even! And some SERIOUS hula hooping.

Look at those Julies go!

I did finally get to Pop-bar, which I'd written about here - it was amazing.

And ended with a delightful BBQ in Staten Island.  Thanks Matt! 

Not too much craftiness...other than the fabulous tortellini salad plus amazing brownie/cookies Julie and I made for the BBQ.  I did make that flowered dress I'm wearing, though last summer!  That counts, right?


  1. oh how i heart central park!

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  3. that pinata is way too awesome!!!
    cute blog!