Sunday, June 27, 2010

Brooklyn Food & Film Festival

Hello!  I hope everyone had a stellar weekend.  I spent a lovely Saturday with some dear old pals at the NYC Food Film Festival

Here is my lady Sasha enjoying a strawberry rhubarb Popsicle from People's Pops, thanks to The Cooking Channel.  I tried the Raspberry Basil variety - sounds strange but it was delish!
There were a ton of vendors to be had. 

And new friends to meet! 

It was great to spend time with some good old pals from CT - including Becca, Billy and Greg. 

There was a neato vendor called The Green Truck run on solar panels and vegetable oil!  I got a watermelon fresca there.  Basically just smooshed up watermelon in a cup but so refreshing!

Oh also when we were leaving there was some crazy crowd noises - we found a ton of people crowded under the Manhattan bridge watching the World Cup on a giant drive in screen!  It was cool.  I would like to see a movie there!

Oddly enough, we didn't really see any films at the festival - they had technical difficulties for most of the afternoon, and then we watched a few minutes of The Bread Maverick but it was just too hot to sit around and watch a movie about baking bread. 


  1. That shot under the bridge made me smile. I love how the World Cup is bringing people together!

  2. I know its so cool! I'm not into soccer but I love how everyone finds something in common with this event.