Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fish's Eddy

On my epic walk from Central Park to the Soho on Saturday, Julie introduced me to the coolest store!  We strolled around Fish's Eddy (near the flatiron building) and I fell in love with their cute plates, cups and housewares. 

I came home with this cool set of summer plates.  Yes, I did have to lug them all the way downtown (they were heavy!).  But so worth it! 

Also: if you're reading this, T.R. Knight (we passed you on the street), I hope this explains why there was a sweaty girl hauling dinnerware on her head on a lovely June evening near Washington Square Park.  It doesn't really, though, does it.   


  1. Thanks for sharing their site- cool stuff!

  2. Hi! Rumblegirl (here from Swap-Bot)

    Why, oh why, did you post a link to Fish's Eddy .... now I want to buy a ton of stuff from their site!! LOL :)

  3. oh i've been here! very colourful and fun!

  4. Hi! MsBunni from swap-bot. Those plates are so adorable. I have to admit I am a little jealous of all your NY fun...I'm stuck here in the middle-of-nowhere GA! Ahhh! City Life! :) Great Blog!