Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Lavender Obsession

My latest obsession...LAVENDER. 
Not the color, the plant, and its lovely lovely scent.  I wish I had smell o vision on this blog. 

I ordered a whole pound of lavender from ebay here for such a good deal!  And now, I think I may be addicted. 
I put together a little eye pillow with fabric scraps, a scoop of lavender and some rice and it is just so relaxing!  I love it.  Hope to have some more in my shop soon.


  1. Lavender rocks and there's so much you can do with it!! Have you ever seen the Dagoba chocolate bars with lavender?

  2. wow! so lovely. the scent of lavendar makes me feel so so so restful!

  3. pretty photos.
    and emma, thanks soo much for the comment on my blog. you rock!!

  4. ooh choc and lavender sounds delish - I have been hoping to do some baking with my bounty of lavender and will share the results :)

    For now I'll just inhale and relax!

  5. i'm right there with you. i LOVE lavender and have planted different varieties all around our front and back yard. your eye pillow is super cute!

  6. Where did you go to get the lavender? All of mine dies this winter because of 22 inches of snow and ice for over 2 months. They simply couldn't survive. I would love to get some more plants, and I wasn't sure whether you got the lavender dried or in plant form. Genie