Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Easy Treats!

Here is another Father's Day treat for you - you can use it for anytime though, and it makes a great favor/gifty type thing.  My sister Bessie came up with idea and it is a good one!

This is Bess. 

So, all we did was get a jar or pretzel rods - we got ones that were about 4 inches long.  We melted chocolate chips in one bowl and white chocolate chips in another, and dipped away!  Then, we topped them with nuts, heath bars, coconut - even chopped up craisins! 

They were good, looked festive, and simple to make!  Try it - be creative with your toppings, too!  I make up fun names like "Lunchlady", "Queen of Hearts" and "The Golden Girls."   This would be a good project for kids too. 

Have fun!


  1. I wanna try this, it looks so fun and easy. Your names crack me up! : )

  2. i made these with coconut, m&ms, and (one that seemed odd but was amazing)ritz crackers!