Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rock N Roll?

I'm at a loss. 
I have to help staff a work event next week at a hip SoHo space, and have it on good authority the dress code is "Rock N Roll Chic."  How am I, lover of all things polka dot and pink, supposed to pull that off?  Without spending a ton on clothes that aren't me, or looking like a total poser?  AND still being work-appropriate? 
Well, I guess I do like sparkle.  Sequins work, right?  And dark nail polish does not require a long term commitment. 

Any suggestions for low cost, low key glam? 


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  2. Go to the thrift store and find a pair of old jeans, shred the heck out of them with a razor blade or scissors, run them through the washer and dryer to fray them. Put on a pair of fishnet stockings or some obnoxious colored tights to wear under them. Find big boots. Tease the hell out of your hair and do heavy makeup...doing heavy black eyeliner around your upper and lower eyelids and don'f forget the bright red lipstick. Finish it off with big hoop earrings.

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    I think that sequin dress is adorable, good luck finding an outfit!

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