Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Yesterday felt like a productive day.  I got up early, went to the gym, and was psyched that I'd get home sooner than usual and would have lots of time to sew my heart out.  BUT. 
That did not happen.  My machine was acting all cranky because I hadn't used her in a while and felt neglected.  I rethreaded, changed the needles, cleaned out the lint, added some oil...and that worked for a bit.  Until I tried to do a button hole and things went wonky again.  The upper thread kept slipping out of the needle/breaking/splitting as I sewed, no matter how long I made the tail.  And yes, it was a nice new quality roll of thread - and I even tried swapping it out for another just in case.  No luck.

So, I have no new (completed) project to share until I get to the sewing store this weekend and get some new needles.  I hope that works!  If not....I don't know!

I did come across this cool blog, It's Just Me, from a guy who works in a sewing machine repair shop.  It has some good posts on sewing machine care.  I may have to write to him if I can't figure this out myself!


  1. New follower from SB
    noodleBubble- Can't even get to my sewing machine - piles of dumped projects in the way - Weather FAB here at mo so have been taking a needle and thread out and sitting in the garden. Good luck with your for more of a read of your blog now - DO pop over...

  2. wow i wish i knew how to use a sewing machine in the first place. you are way ahead of me! hope you can get to the shop this weekend.

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  5. Sometimes those machines can be so fickle.

    Have a great day.

  6. Thanks for checking out my blog! I wish I could go to an event that required Rock & Roll Chic ... how fun is that?! Post photos of what you end up wearing :-)
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