Friday, April 16, 2010

Go Astros!

For our final evening in Houston, we checked out an Astros baseball game.  It was a ton of fun!
Minute Maid Park was very lovely - it reminded me a bit of the new Citi Field where the Mets play.  We had some sweet seats thanks to a friend of Liam's that works for the team!

Sisters in the stands.  The lady next to us kept falling asleep.  Weird. 

The actual mascot was unclear - there was a bunny dressed up in a uniform, and also a lady dressed up in an ill fitting space age gold business suit, plus, an astronaut.  The team colors were unclear too - sometimes blue, sometimes orange, and a lot of maroon, but still fun.

Me and Lee.

There was a little train filled with oranges that drove back and forth along the top of the stadium.  Also, there was a citgo sign, like in Boston!  Cool!

So, we had a great time in Texas - hope to return soon!


  1. Loved that the woman next to you fell asleep. Classic.

    Enjoyed your series on Houston this week.

    Your biggest fan,


  2. Hi, found you on swap-bot on the "I Want More Blog Follower's" swap. Looking forward to reading!

    -Sarah (Saristotle)

  3. i am a huge baseball fan. just got back from a toronto blue jays game and it was fun to see this on your blog! i'm faizazarin from swap-bot and am so happy to be following your blog!