Monday, April 12, 2010

Deep in the heart of Texas!

Hi I'm back from Texas!  I had such a great time with my cousin and my sis - and have a TON of fun pictures to share!  It's going to take all week I think, so get ready!

So, my cousin lives in Houston.  Apparently Houstonians eat out more frequently than any other city in the USA, and they seem to have every single chain restaurant that you can imagine.  And also many that you can't.  Like, the Kolache Factory

What is a Kolache?  I did not know either.  It is a delicious Eastern European breakfast treat - like a combo of a hot pocket, and an egg and cheese sandwich, but better!  They have a bunch of different flavors, too, including a few veggie friendly ones (I had the potato egg and cheese). 

(The young gentleman in the picture is my cousin, Liam - any single Houston ladies out there, let me know!  Have I got a guy for you...)

Here is what they look like before...

and after a bite or two!  So good! 

Coming very first visit to Hobby Lobby!  Stay tuned...


  1. Those look yummy! I used to live in San Antonio, and boy did those Texan eat!

  2. Those look good! Sounds like you had a good time!