Sunday, October 23, 2011

Henna Designs

I went to a fun party last week (or, OK I went to several fun parties), but one in particular featured a henna artist!  I gave her my hand and she came up with this beautiful design in just a few minutes.  It was really cool, and I feel super exotic, even when I'm sitting in my cubicle typing away at work. 

It felt cool - literally, cold - while it went on, and then you have to let the paint dry for 30 minutes or so as the design sets.  The paint then flaked off over the course of the night/the next morning and a lovely brownish red design lay beneath the black paint.  Of course I happened to sleep on my hand and woke up with a transferred design on my cheek.  Freaked out for a minute, thinking I would be the new Mike Tyson of my office until it faded away, but luckily with some rigorous scrubbing it disappeared.  Phew. 

I hear that it lasts a week or two, so I will enjoy it until then.  Another woman suggested I put olive oil on it while I am in the shower.  So if you come over and there is EVOO on my sink, that is why. 

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